Why AC Cleaning is Vital for Healthy Living

Professional AC cleaning is critically important for the health and safety of you and your family. Don’t let contaminants continue to build up and allow your dirty central air conditioning and heating system to re-circulate unclean air in your home. Take action today to protect against germs, allergens and contaminants in your indoor air. Learn how we provide the most-effective cleaning services for whole system cleaning. We use the newest and most advanced cleaning equipment available today for total HVAC system cleaning.

AC Cleaning - Dirty Air Duct

Why We Provide the Most-Effective Cleaning Service to Protect Your Indoor Air

Contaminated build-up will continue to get worse unless you take action to have your AC and heating system properly cleaned and decontaminated by qualified technicians. Absolute Comfort air conditioning and heating of Houston uses state-of-the-art air conditioning cleaning equipment manufactured by Air-Care for a full-system, five-level cleaning regimen.

Full-System Five-Level Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

We provide total HVAC system cleaning with five specific levels of the cleaning process.

Level 1: A comprehensive furnace cleaning, including the flue pipe, flame sensor, burner and heat exchanger.

Level 2: Removal and cleaning of the blower, plus a chemical cleaning of the evaporator and blowing out of the drain.

Level 3: Cleaning of the full distribution system, including cleaning all grills, interior of each air duct, supply and return air plenums, plus disinfecting of all surfaces with anti-microbial cleaner, bleach disinfectant and deodorizer. A free duct blaster test is included—a $599 value—to test for air leaks.

Level 4: Complete sealing with special tape and adhesive mastic of all supply ducts, boots and plenums. We confirm proper sealing with duct-blaster test.

Level 5: Installation of an Air Scrubber by Aerus to enhance your indoor air quality with air purification.

Absolute Comfort uses Air-Care products for the duct cleaning. This is the newest and most advanced system on the market!

Dirty Air Conditioner Unit In Need of AC Cleaning Service.

Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air Today

Contaminated buildup grows in the ducts and components of your air conditioning and heating system, diminishing the operational efficiency of the system, leading to more frequent repairs and breakdowns, and spewing contaminants inside your entire home. Absolute Comfort air conditioning and heating, serving Metro Houston since 1983, provides a total AC and heating system cleaning service to achieve the most from your system and to enjoy cleaner, healthier indoor air.

Top AC and Heating System Cleaners for Metro Houston

Experience super clean indoor air with total system cleaning by Absolute Comfort air conditioning and heating. Our indoor air quality technicians are ready to serve communities across Metro Houston, including:

Fully Clean Your AC and Heating System and Maximize Your Indoor Air Quality

To mitigate the dangers of an unsanitary air conditioning and heating system in your home, call Absolute Comfort air conditioning and heating of Metro Houston to perform a complete system cleaning, including supply and return grills, vents and the air handler of your AC and heating system. Keep your home as safe as possible with total HVAC system cleaning from Absolute Comfort. Contact us today!

Image of Dirty Pipes In Need of Air Conditioner Cleaning Service.
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