AC Flooding Services for Metro Houston 

If your air conditioning system has been damaged by floods, contact the AC flooding services specialists at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, serving Metro Houston. Act fast to minimize the damage flooding may cause to your air conditioning unit. Quick action in calling our AC flooding services team may mitigate the damage to your AC system and get your air conditioning unit back to operational condition faster. Our quick-response AC flooding team is available for emergency help right now.

Is your air conditioning unit completely flooded and not working? Does your system show symptoms of water damage and you want it checked out? Call us now to schedule a visit by one of our professional AC flooding service technicians to inspect your air conditioning system.Contact the AC flooding services experts at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating when you need help with your HVAC system after a flood event in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. 

When Your AC System is Flooded, Call the Professionals at Absolute Comfort

Call the expert team in solving problems with flooding of air conditioning systems in Metro Houston—Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating. One call is all it takes. Our quick-response service begins with a comprehensive inspection of a flooded AC system, including its mechanical and electronic components. Our AC flood service examination includes a diagnostic session to find out the effects of flooding and water damage has had on parts of the air conditioning system. Our expert AC flooding service technicians will discuss with you the best options for repairing or replacing the air conditioning unit to return the cooling system to an effectively operating system once again. 

If your property has undergone a flooding event, the first thing you should do is contact a certified AC flooding service provider with experience in servicing, repairing and replacing HVAC systems that have experienced floods and water damage. Contact our friendly team members to set up a convenient time to evaluate the extent of flood damage to your air conditioning system and to repair or replace components to return it to a smoothly operating condition. 

The Flooded AC System Experts for Metro Houston

Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, Metro Houston, has extensive experience in inspecting, diagnosing, servicing, repairing and replacing AC equipment damaged by flooding.  Turn to our exceptional team for flooded AC system solutions. We proudly serve the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including:

Air Conditioner Flooding Services for Metro Houston

When it comes to air conditioner flooding, Metro Houston has experienced extensive problems brought on by massive storms, including Hurricane Harvey and other major weather events. There are important steps to take if you know or suspect your air conditioner was damaged by flooding:

  1. For primary safety precautions, turn off power to the entire air conditioning system, including both the indoor and outdoor components by shutting off the breaker in your property’s electrical box.
  2. If your property has more than one air-conditioning unit, make sure electricity has been shut off to all of them.
  3. Remove debris, mud, puddles and standing water from around the outdoor unit and let the equipment get as dry as possible.
  4. Call a professional air conditioning service company—Absolute Air Conditioning and Heating—to have a technician inspect the air conditioning system.
  5. Have the coils cleaned and electrical parts examined for water damage and electrical shorts. Check the seal around the fan motor, motor windings and connections and terminals.
  6. Document the damage by describing it in detail and with dates and time. Take photos of the damage.
  7. Check your home insurance policy to make sure it covers damage from floods, wind and storm damage.
  8. Contact your insurance agent to report the claim.

Damage Caused by Air Conditioner Flooding in Houston

A proper inspection of the AC system can reveal damage to controls, electrical parts, coils, condensers, fans, motors and wiring. Even the indoor equipment can be damaged by just a small amount of flood water or leaks into the house or down walls and into controls and components. Have a qualified technician fully check the air handling unit and furnace. And remember, while air conditioning equipment can withstand the rigors or being outside in weather, long-term contact with flood waters can destroy the system.

Even if the heating and air conditioning system starts up and runs, corrosion and water damage to electrical components can show up in weeks or months as water jeopardizes the life expectancy of components, which can break down sooner than expected.

If Your Houston Air Conditioner May Have Been Flooded, Call Absolute Comfort Today

To gain some peace of mind, schedule an inspection and tune-up of your home’s heating and air-conditioning system before it grows into a bigger problem when you least expect it to malfunction. Contact Absolute Comfort today to schedule your air conditioner appointment or if you have any questions.

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