Take the necessary steps to protect you, your family and pets from the dangers of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Each year, hundreds of accidental carbon monoxide poisonings and fatalities occur in homes across the United States. Although auto emission regulations have reduced the levels of carbon monoxide pollution, home deaths account for the majority of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Protect your family with regular carbon monoxide testing from Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning.

Is a Silent Killer Lurking in Your Home?

A by-product of incomplete combustion—auto exhaust—is the most widely recognized source of carbon monoxide pollution. Fortunately, tighter emission regulations and better technology have brought ambient carbon monoxide levels within levels approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although this has significantly reduced the number of deaths from motor vehicle emissions, indoor carbon monoxide poisonings remain a significant safety concern for homeowners. Professional carbon monoxide testing can ease some of that worry. Remember that even if your home runs entirely on electricity, you are not immune to carbon monoxide poisonings.

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Although auto exhaust accounts for most illnesses and deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, other carbon monoxide sources include:

  • Heating and cooking appliances fueled by natural gas or petroleum.
  • Charcoal grills and hibachis.
  • Small engines.
  • Camping equipment.
  • Electric generators.

Electric generators in particular account for approximately 30 percent of carbon monoxide deaths worldwide. As climate change progresses, the number and sources of carbon monoxide poisoning is expected to rise. It is important to note that the hurricane season of 2005 saw 27 electric generator-related carbon monoxide poisoning deaths. [1]

Your Dependable Source for Carbon Monoxide Testing

Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, serving Metro Houston, focuses on providing complete customer satisfaction with our superior CO testing and HVAC repair services. When you need an urgent carbon monoxide test or repair, call the experts at Absolute Comfort, locally owned and serving the community since 1983. Our highly experienced team of technicians is certified by North American Technician Excellence, and our business has been accredited with Better Business Bureau since 1986 and holds an A+ rating. Plus we hold a number of current industry licenses, professional memberships, quality certifications and training certifications, including:

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.
  • Factory Certified Heat Pump Dealer certification.
  • National Comfort Infiltrometer certified.
  • National Comfort Institute (NCI) Air Balancing and Combustion Air certified
  • NCI Mold Certification
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified in refrigerants
  • Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
  • State Licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration
  • TACLA#001038C
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Comprehensive in-house training program.
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Carbon Monoxide Testing for Metro Houston

Don’t delay having your home tested for carbon monoxide. Our rapid response team serves the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including:

Carbon Monoxide Testing: The Health, Safety and Comfort of Your Family Is Our Primary Concern

To prevent life-threatening carbon monoxide exposure, let Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning of Metro Houston perform carbon monoxide testing on a regular basis. Scheduling your home carbon monoxide testing when you have your regular seasonal HVAC maintenance will help you remember. Additionally, install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

If you believe you may have an active carbon monoxide leak or dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your home, evacuate first and call the gas company or fire department. If you suspect a leak, call Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to find and fix it. We are available any time of the day or night for your emergency services. Keep your family safe with professional carbon monoxide testing from Absolute Comfort. Contact us today.

[1] “4 Air Quality.” Institute of Medicine. 2011. Climate Change, the Indoor Environment, and Health. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/13115.

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