Absolute Comfort provides the highest quality commercial service, repair, and replacement available on your air conditioning, a/c, ac, and heat pump up to 25 tons. We service the entire Houston-Galveston area.

Absolute Comfort has technicians  who specialize in commercial service, repair, and replacement. With Absolute Comfort’s unique training facility and hands experience, there is no problem we can’t solve. We provide a 20 point inspection process on package units, split air conditioning systems, heat pumps, etc. Listed below you will find some of the ares we check and test.

The technicians inspect static pressure of duct system to determine if the air flow is correct.

We also perform test on the electrical components, such as:

  • (contractors) to see if the contacts are burnt;
  • (capacitors) check the micro fharats to make sure they match the ratings on the capacitor;
  • (blower relays) make sure they are opening and closing correctly;
  • (condenser fan motors & blower motors ) make sure they are running the correct speed and are not over heating;
  • (thermostats) make sure they are wired, correct temperatures, and operating correctly;
  • (heat/blower sequencers) make sure there opening correctly and not over heating;
  • (defrost control boards) make sure they are functioning correctly;
  • (main control circuit boards) make sure they are wired and functioning correctly;
  • (high & low pressure switches) simulate both situations and make sure they cut off when they are suppose to;
  • (reversing valves) make sure they are reversing correctly when energized;
  • (potential relays) make sure they are switching circuits when needed on start up;
  • (breakers or disconnects) make sure they are the right sizes and are wired correctly;
  • (water over flow safety switches) make sure they are wired correctly, shutting down the unit when triggered, and positioned correctly on the pan or drain line;
  • (transformer) make sure it is producing the right voltages;
  • (temperature over loads) make sure they are cutting off at the correct temperatures;
  • (Over all check on the system control and line voltage wiring) make sure it is wired correctly to utilze the system at its full potential;
  • Step down transformers;
  • Fresh air dampers;
  • Economizers;
  • Communicating systems with outside monitoring;
  • 3 phase electrical components
  • Smoke dampers;
  • Fire Dampers;
  • Carbon monoxide alarms;

We also check the refrigeration system, such as:

  • Proper refrigerant levels compared to manufactures data;
  • Check super heat and sub cooling temperatures to help assist in the charging procedure; (This required on all units, if this procedure is not done or not done correctly your refrigerant charge will be incorrect. When your system charge is in correct you will loose cooling capacity; thus more money on your energy bill and damage to the unit.)
  • Check for refrigerant leaks, improper welding procedures, and proper insulation on refrigerant lines;
  • Check the thermal expansion valve and or metering device to make sure it is not clogged and is opening and closing correctly if it is a T.X.V.
  • Check filter dryers for pressure drops to see if they are clogged or not;
  • Check for proper size copper lines;
  • Check for check valves and distributor circuits to make sure they are functioning correctly;
  • Oil Filters;
  • Multiple circuit refrigerant repair;
  • In line Liquid line solenoid valves;

We also check for general maintenance for units and common installation errors, so you can get the full performance of the machine, such as:

  • Check the evaporator coil pan and inlet side of coil to see if they are clean;
  • Check the inlet side of the outside condenser coil to see if it is clean;
  • Check the blower wheel to see if it is clean;
  • Check the drain line for proper flow and make sure it is clean;
  • Check the return air cavity to make sure it is sealed correctly and is clean;
  • Check for code violations, such as: decking, lighting, shut of switches or breakers, proper distances, wiring, etc.;
  • Check for proper temperature splits across coil;
  • Check for excessive heat gains in return and supply air ducts;

Absolute Comfort performs these procedures on each call, we only due a preliminary test on a lot of the things listed.

We  offer several in depth system evaluations, such as: system performance test, air diagnostic test, humidity control level test, and much more. When you’re ready to enjoy Absolute Comfort everyday,  contact us and we’ll have a  comfort specialist call you with in 24 hours.

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