Make sure your heating and air conditioning system is properly matched to your indoor air comfort standards and the requirements of your property with professional heat load calculations provided by our HVAC team at Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning of Houston. During installation of a new HVAC system, proper design, installation and heat load calculations are all required for proper operation and maximum efficiency. Determining heat load calculations is a necessary but often overlooked method to ensure efficient indoor air management. Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning is the full-service HVAC company in Metro Houston that understands the critical nature of accurately applying heat load calculations when installing new HVAC systems.
Heat Load Calculations

What Exactly Are Heat Load Calculations and What Does It Mean for My HVAC System?

Every building gains and loses heat from various locations of the structure, both internally and externally. Heat load calculations analyze the effects of these sources on the building’s summer heat gain and winter heat loss. To cool your home or business properly and efficiently, conditioned air output must be greater than the heat load. Accurate heat load calculation will find the most efficient HVAC capacity for the specific indoor air comfort needs of your home. This is where we can help you.

Factors Considered to Precisely Calculate Heat Loads

Don’t jeopardize the indoor air comfort of your home or business by neglecting to have a professional heat load calculation completed before you have a new heating and air conditioning system installed. Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning performs a heat load analysis to properly size the HVAC equipment needed to efficiently heat and cool any home. Every home has unique factors that influence heat load calculations that are critical to sizing an HVAC system for the structure. Our heat load calculation experts will analyze the parameters of your home or business to create a plan for an optimal HVAC system installation taking into consideration critical factors for a heat load calculation, including the square footage of the structure, insulation values, environmental exposure and much more.

There are several important considerations to know when calculating your home’s heat load:

  • The number of occupants
  • Interior lighting and appliances
  • Number, size and location of windows
  • Building envelope, such as your home’s construction
  • Thermal envelope, such as insulation

Additionally, other building and environmental factors influence heat gain, such as landscaping, shade, location, and even the direction your home faces.

Heat Load Calculations Cited by Air Conditioner Contractors of America

We offer heat load calculations and equipment plans for both residential and commercial structures. To standardize air conditioning sizing and installation, the Air Conditioner Contractors of America developed Manual J/S/T/D with each letter specifying protocols for design and installation. The ACCA designed Manual J specifically to discourage arbitrary estimates and rule-of-thumb decisions that often result in over-sizing units, over-paying for systems and under-performing equipment. Since 2006, International Residential Codes require ACCA Manual protocols. Still, few Houston HVAC companies are willing to take the time and effort to make heat load calculations. Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, however, uses the most up-to-date software to get exact heat load calculations.

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Your 100-percent satisfaction with our heat load calculations is guaranteed. Our team of expert heat load calculation technicians services the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including:

Maximize Your HVAC Energy Efficiency with Expert Heat Load Calculations

We urge you to make sure your HVAC installation guarantees a software-based heat load calculation. Call our team at Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for precise heat load calculations for the most-effective HVAC installation in the Houston Metropolitan Area. We guarantee ACCA heat load calculations to achieve your absolute indoor air management comfort. Take the first easy step to find out more by calling us today.

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