Absolute Comfort provides the best home energy audit on the gulf coast. With our special training on the several different aspects of the house envelope, duct systems, insulation, and attic ventilation, we can tell you what is your system is actually working at and some easy improvements to help save energy (money) in your home or business.

Tests Performed Include:

  • Air Balance test (TAB)- This allows us to determine the exact air flow traveling through your duct system and compare it to the design air flow for your particular system.
  • Smoke Pencil Test-This allows us to pinpoint the air leaks in your duct system.
  • Air Conditioning Inspection-20 point Test This allows us to see if the system is operating correctly(refrigerant charge and design is crucial
  • Visible attic insulation Test- We measure the amount of insulation in the attic and determine the actually r-value of your existing insulation.
  • Room by Room Heat Load/Cfm Calculation Test (NCI Standards Test)- This will help determine the amount of air flow each section of your home or business needs
  • Attic Ventilation Test-Visible look at the type of and amount of attic ventilation in your attic.
  • Static Pressure Test- Determine the pressure your system is operating at. (Blood Pressure)

Absolute Comfort provides this test FREE between the months of January and March when you purchase a maintenance agreement. If you are in desperate need or you are having high utility bills we offer this test at $495.00 for the first system and $295.00 for each additional system in the home. Plus, we offer a $100.00 Discount to Maintenance Agreement Customers. We also reimburse the cost of Test towards any repairs needed and performed by Absolute Comfort equalling $1,000.00 or more.

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