If your air conditioning system isn’t properly balanced, you could be spending more money to run it. A system run out of balance will also need service sooner. Here’s why:

  • Less than two percent of heating and air conditioning equipment service agreements include the duct system?
  • That a poorly operating duct system could reduce your comfort and efficiency by up to 50 percent?
  • In many cases, your 3-ton cooling system may only be supplying 1 1/2 tons of cooling capacity, even in newer homes?

Take the HVAC System Balanced Quiz

Answering yes to three or more questions means your system is out of balance.

  • Is one room in your home always a different temperature from the others?
  • Are your utility bills higher than they should be?
  • Is your home getting dusty within two days?
  • Does your air conditioning or heating system run continuously, never quite getting the job done?
  • Is your heating or air conditioning system noisy?
  • Do you have “thermostat wars” in your home trying to stay comfortable?
  • Do you feel the quality of the air in your home or building could use some improvement?

Getting in Balance is Easy with Absolute Comfort

Our technicians perform a complete diagnostic of your system, developing a plan which can increase the comfort in your home, reduce your energy costs, help in reducing indoor air quality problems and help your system to achieve its designed performance.

During our diagnostic evaluation of your building we can show you where and how your system is not functioning as intended and make recommendations on how to correct the problems. If our diagnostics show your system is only operating at 50 or 60 percent efficiency, our information begins paying for itself once you have the system corrected. Best of all, the savings continue year after year.

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