Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

Absolute Comfort’s Air Conditioning’s installation department is recognized as one of Houston’s best. We perform several preventative safety measures for your business or home to help us prevent any damage to your property.

  • Drop cloths from the entrance of your home to the installation point. (If it takes 20 drop cloths we have them and use them.)
  • We wear foot booties to help protect your flooring in the home.
  • We wear gloves to help prevent marks on the walls when replacing the thermostats.
  • We bag all trash in the attic, to help not drop any trash on your flooring.
  • We wrap the old equipment with plastic or drop clothes, before carrying it out of your home.
  • We remove or have you remove any pictures or furniture that might be in the way.
  • Absolute Comfort’s Installers are usually a 2 man crew. They also are well trained on all procedures and monitored during the installation process.

Our Installation Crews Have the Following:

  • Employees with Absolute Comfort (no sub-contractors)
  • Workmen compensation insurance
  • Name badges
  • Epa certified
  • 410 a Certified (new refrigerant)
  • Installation Certified (Through American Standard)
  • All tools required to perform installation
  • In-depth in house training up to 200 hours per season
  • outside training up to 250 hours
  • Perform a final job check list with home owner
  • Speak English
  • Well mannered and courtesy
  • Have basic knowledge of the features and service side of the equipment
  • Know most code violations

Each crew is graded weekly on there performance and quality of each job. This allows us to see how they are doing at each individual home. Absolute Comfort spends a lot of money on training the installation crew to perform the best job possible. (remember it is hard to find quality installer to perform installations in the 120 degree attics.)

Absolute Comfort performs an additional check on all new installations by one of our service managers or senior technicians, This will include adjusting the charge, repairing any problems, etc. He will go over a finalized check list with you to prove it is working to specifications. The inspector will also perform an air balance and static pressure test if you purchased a new a/c and heat system or had your duct system replaced.

This extra inspection is rarely performed by most companies and is at great expense to the company, but we want to be certain your a/c system operates properly and efficiently.

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