VIDEO: Could Cleaning Save Your A/C?

Cleaning your condenser coils every two to three years will help maintain its peak efficiency. Step one is you want to disconnect the power to the outside unit. Step two, we remove the top and get any debris out from in the bottom of the actual condenser system itself, be it mud, leaves, things like that. Step three, we remove any large particles by doing basically a pre-wash. Step four is we do a chemical solution that actually gets inside of the coils and forces the dirt out. Step five is we do a last, final rinse of the system, making sure to remove all of the chemical cleaners that are inside of it. And the last thing we do is put everything back the way it was.

On top of a professional cleaning, there are a few things you can do to keep your coils from killing your AC.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure there’s no trees, brushes around there that will aggravate the situation. And if there’s anything you can do to keep the dust to a minimum around the system, that will definitely help it.

Keep your AC breathing with routine cleaning and maintain the comfort of your home. For, I’m Tom Tynan.

A broken a/c unit does you no good in this climate. What if a simple cleaning is all it takes to keep your a/c working? Hector Contreras shows you how dirty condenser coils are the culprit when it comes to low a/c efficiency (and higher energy costs).

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