VIDEO: The secret to a cooler summer

When summer hits Houston, the only question is how to keep cool? An air-conditioning unit works great at keeping you cool…until it doesn’t. Your a/c needs to stay healthy. What better way to keep in check than with a check-up? Mark Shelton shows you how regular inspections can help you beat the heat. There’s even a few things you can check yourself throughout the year.

It should be inspected every year. It should be checked twice a year, once for the AC, once for the heat. Three or five areas of things that we check for mainly, is the refrigerant charge, amps on all the motors, static pressure is important. We use a magnehelic gauge to check for static pressure, the cleanliness of the unit. Relative humidity is critical down here in Houston. We want to have the relative humidity at least at 54%.

You can check your AC throughout the year with just a few simple steps. Check for cleanliness. Make sure your drain pan’s not overflowing. Take your temperatures in your vents. If it’s been running for a while and it’s below 80 degrees, they should have 18 to 20 degree temperature difference. And if they don’t, you call us up and we can come out and check it, and tell them whether it’s duct work, duct leakage, dirty coil, undercharge, overcharge, whatever the problem is.

We’re going to fix it. We’re going to see why it broke, and what part we can put on to keep it from happening again. And then also make recommendations of things that can make the unit last longer, or things that can make the unit more energy efficient.

Keep your home cool and your AC healthy with regular checkups. And beat that Texas heat. For, I’m Tom Tynan.

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