AC Maintenance for Metro Houston

We are here to help you when you need AC maintenance services. Call the experienced professionals for air conditioning maintenance—Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, Metro Houston. Providing AC maintenance service to Metro Houston since 1983, our team has assisted people in caring for their air conditioning systems and making them run better and more efficiently. We all understand that AC systems—even the highest-technology ones—do not last forever. Regular preventative AC maintenance—best scheduled each season—can significantly increase the longevity of your air conditioning system. Plus, AC maintenance will make your air conditioning system run more smoothly, quietly and efficiently, saving you money in monthly energy costs, repair bills and equipment replacement. Prevention through regularly scheduled maintenance really is the best medicine for one of the most important and most valuable systems in your home or business—its HVAC system.

Convenient and Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance

The AC maintenance team at Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, Metro Houston, is ready to help you keep the investment you have made in your HVAC system running in top condition with an AC maintenance session. Don’t feel down if your air conditioning system is running poorly. Get your air conditioning system back in tip-top shape with a convenient and affordable AC maintenance session from the Absolute Comfort team.

Industry-Leading AC Maintenance for Metro Houston

It is easy and convenient to maintain operational excellence with your air conditioning unit. Just call Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, Metro Houston, to set up a time one of our expert AC maintenance technicians to stop by for a visit to inspect, test, service and maintain your air conditioning system. You will be glad you did. Make the most of your HVAC system with an AC maintenance session by the industry-leading team at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, Metro Houston. Our customer service team is committed to your total satisfaction with our AC maintenance services. Our commitment shines through, too. Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ rating. 

Our company maintains professional memberships, quality certifications, training certifications and licenses, including:

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.
  • Factory Heat Pump Dealer status.
  • National Comfort Infiltrometer certification.
  • National Comfort Institute (NCI) Air Balancing and Combustion Air certification.
  • NCI Mold Certification.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerants certification.
  • Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) membership.
  • State licensing through the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.
  • TACLA#001038C license.
  • Factory trained technician certifications.
  • Ongoing comprehensive in-house training program.

Absolute Comfort—Experts in AC Maintenance 

Get in front of the cooling season by scheduling an AC maintenance session with the team at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, serving the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including:

AC Maintenance Services that Deliver Optimal Performance to Your System


The term maintenance can strike anxiety in homeowners as another item for your already overburdened to-do list. Still, some tasks can’t be ignored, and AC maintenance is one of those. The most efficient cooling in the heat of a Houston summer comes from a well-maintained system. Importantly, a pre-season professional AC maintenance service call can reduce the risk of summer-time air conditioning failure.

Big Reasons You Need Professional AC Maintenance Service

Regular professional AC maintenance service is shown to increase the lifespan of your system. 

  • A well-maintained system can last for up to 20 years.
  • An unexpected breakdown is less likely when your system is professionally maintained.
  • Your family’s health and comfort is protected, and the likeliness of a heat related health emergency is reduced.
  • An efficient, well-maintained unit reduces energy needs and is better for the environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption means lower operating costs, and more cash in your pocket.
  • An efficiently operating indoor air management system adds financial value to your property.

Essential Routine Tasks You Can Do Yourself  

Certain routine tasks can be done yourself. First, replace the air filter every month for clean air quality and efficient functioning. Next, check the outside condenser and compressor unit. Look for signs of damage to insulated tubes and wrapped wires. Finally, clear any leaves or grass that may block the coils. Most importantly, call the HVAC professionals at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, Metro Houston, for seasonal AC maintenance service. Never try to repair an air conditioner yourself.

Make AC Maintenance One Less Thing to Worry About This Summer

Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, serving Metro Houston, offers tune-up, inspection and preventative maintenance, with Residential Service Agreements.  We know you have enough stress on your to-do list. Let our expert AC maintenance team eliminate some of that worry and keep your air conditioner in top working condition all season long. 

The Absolute Comfort Solution for AC Maintenance in Houston 

Don’t delay scheduling your summer AC maintenance service another day. For expert AC maintenance service, we provide the best service in the HVAC industry. Do you have a question about AC maintenance or a concern about your HVAC system? Call us right away. Often, we can help you immediately on the phone or with a convenient visit. 

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