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Ductwork is an integral component of your HVAC system in your home or business. The air handler moves significant volumes of air from your HVAC system through the system of ducts to vents. Meanwhile, return air ducts move air from the interior space of the structure. HVAC duct installation services require trained and experienced HVAC professionals with a proven track record to design and install a matching duct system for your HVAC system. Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is Houston Metro’s full-service HVAC and duct installation company. Call now for help with your duct installation needs in Houston. Since 1983, Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating has provided complete air management and duct installation services to thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Houston Metropolitan Area.

While providing expert duct installation services, the team at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating:

  • Follows ACCA Manual D to ensure proper duct sizing.
  • Is fully licensed, bonded and insured to guarantee our services.
  • Completes commercial duct installation services for projects of any size.
  • Performs air balance testing and heat-load calculation for accurate configurations of duct installations.
  • Thoroughly cleans up the job site. We don’t leave until you’re 100 percent satisfied.

Houston Duct Installation Service Providers

When you require reliable duct installation for your home or business in the Greater Houston Metro Area, we can help. You can trust the professionals at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating. Our team of professionally licensed, trained and certified technicians will design, test and install a duct system that will perfectly match your indoor air comfort requirements with the specifications of your HVAC system and configuration of the structure of the building. First-rate duct installation by our industry-leading HVAC technicians will ensure the duct system is correctly installed to operate safely, smoothly and efficiently. In addition to national standard HVAC qualifications and certifications, every heating installation technician on our all-star team is trained and experienced to work on duct systems for every kind of heating system for residential and commercial customers. 

Residential Duct Installation and Replacement 

Your duct system is designed to distribute conditioned air with the proper balance and pressure throughout your home. Using the ACCA Manual D, our technicians can measure the correct cubic feet per minute flow rate, ensuring correct duct sizing. For new construction, remodeling, or replacement of an outdated system, trust the duct installation experts at Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating.

Leaders in HVAC Duct Installation Services 

Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating is the first choice for duct installation for hundreds of new homeowners. Whether you are contracting a single custom build or a multi-unit project, we can manage any size job. From small business to industrial installation, our full range of commercial HVAC services reflect our commitment to Houston’s economic growth.

Select the Best HVAC Duct Installers—Absolute Comfort

Choosing the right HVAC and duct installation service provider is critical to maximizing the potential of your Houston Metro indoor air comfort system. Serving Metro Houston since 1983, we have assisted thousands of homeowners and businesses with heating installation. It’s easy to get started with your new duct system installation for your home or business. We will meet with you on-site for an evaluation and consultation for your heating system installation. We will offer you the most-effective options for selecting a high-efficiency heating system that perfectly matches the square footage, layout and indoor air comfort needs of your home or business.  

Duct Work Is a Job Fit for Professionals

Duct installation is a big job: Floors may need to be removed; ceilings may need to come down. Hiring a professional HVAC contractor is not just a good idea, it is essential. Energy Star, the ACCA, and every reputable HVAC organization recommends that duct installation be performed by a licensed contractor or full-service HVAC company. A contractor will ensure that ductwork passes any code regulations. Yet only a licensed HVAC technician fully understands how every component of your air management system works together. The reliable technicians of Absolute Comfort will ensure every step of your duct installation is performed with the utmost skill. For quality home or commercial duct installation needs, trust Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating. Contact us today for  professional HVAC duct installation services in Houston.

Expert Duct Installation for Metro Houston

At Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning of Metro Houston,we provide complete solutions for all duct installation needs. Contact us now to set up a convenient time for one of our indoor air comfort specialists to visit you on site. Whether you need duct repairs, retrofitting, installation for an addition, or a completely new duct system on an existing or new home, we are the duct installation team to call. We are proud of our superior customer service standards for HVAC and duct installation. Absolute Comfort of Houston is an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau, having earned the highest rating possible–an A+ rating. 

Absolute Comfort maintains several nationally recognized professional memberships, quality certifications, training certifications and licenses, including:

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.
  • Factory Heat Pump Dealer status.
  • National Comfort Infiltrometer certification.
  • National Comfort Institute (NCI) Air Balancing and Combustion Air certification.
  • NCI Mold Certification.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerants certification.
  • Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) membership.
  • State licensing through the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.
  • TACLA#001038C license.
  • Factory trained technician certifications.
  • Ongoing comprehensive in-house training program.

HVAC Duct Installation for Metro Houston and Surrounding Areas   

If your current ductwork system is too obsolete to repair, we can design and install a high-efficiency duct system to make the most out of your investment in your indoor air comfort system. We can help you determine if it makes more sense to repair or replace your existing duct system. Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating serves the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including:

Bellaire | Friendswood | The Heights | Houston | Katy | Memorial | Missouri City | Pearland | Richmond | Spring | Stafford | Sugar Land | Tomball | West University | The Woodlands

Houston’s Solution Provider for HVAC Duct Installation: Call Absolute Comfort 

When you need professionals to examine your HVAC duct system, contact Absolute Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, Houston, TX. Our design and installation team is ready to examine your existing ductwork and offer you solutions that will best fit your HVAC system to provide enhanced indoor air comfort. Call us today.

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